Foster’s Experts has a Video Evidence Investigation Software


Use of Force Video – We can:
Evaluate issues relating to motion, timing and the perception of force in video evidence from cell phones, body-worn cameras, in-car systems, social media and hard to access proprietary digital video.

Homicide Video – We Can:
Expedite the examination of large amounts of video evidence without requiring complicated and potentially harmful proprietary players be loaded onto your computer.

Robbery Video – We Can:
Easily track the movements of suspects, vehicles, and events throughout multiple cameras and recording sources, facilitating near real-time evaluation of critical activity.

Traffic Video – We Can:
Obtain instant access to proprietary digital video evidence, including hidden metadata that may contain crucial image timing information for accurate speed estimation.

Sexual Assault Video – We Can:
Extract GPS, date and time data, camera information, and other hidden details that could expose important evidence relating to suspect identification and the source recording technology