Law Enforcement EXPERT WITNESS



Retired Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal (USMS)

Randy Foster has a longtime military and civilian law enforcement career which spans over 25 years on the federal, state and local levels. Before retiring as a Supervisory Deputy Marshal from the U.S. Department of Justice, Foster was promoted to a Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal in charge of 80 Deputies Marshals and administering a budget over one million dollars. His primary duty was to oversee fugitive operations, responsible for prisoner transport, the protection of officers of the court. Foster also responded to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans as a Federal Air Marshal and worked to help save over 3,000 lives. In addition, while serving as a National Guardsman Member, he responded to assist the Honduras government with Hurricane Mitch in 1998.
As a Deputy U.S. Marshal, he protected U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey; investigated Wanted Federal Fugitives; and performed several protection details at the World Trade Center bombing trial in New York.

Approved as an Expert Witness in Police Procedure and USE OF FORCE, in the 2,18 and 19 Circuit Court in Florida.

Law Enforcement positions and title

Police Officer

​Juvenile Detention Officer

Criminal Investigator

Military Police Officer

Federal Air Marshal

Deputy U.S. Marshal

Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal

Training Academy:

  1. United States Marshals Service Training Academy.(Deputy U.S. Marshal Academy)
  2. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), in Glynco, GA. (Criminal Investigator Academy)
  3. Fayetteville, N.C. Police Academy (Police Officer Academy)
  4. Federal Air Marshal Academy (Air Marshal Academy)
  5. U.S. Army Military Police Academy. (Military Police Academy)
  6. Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. (Protective Action Response Training)
  7. Northeastern Alabama Police Academy, Jacksonville State University(Anniston, AL)

          (Oleoresin Capsicum (O.C.) Instructor Course)

      8. North Carolina Justice Academy (Preliminary Investigation)


Texarkana College; Major Criminal Justice  (Undergraduate Certificate )

Udemy; Effective Expert Witnessing Training - Certificate of completion

Community College of the Air Force; Major: Criminal Justice
(60 SEM HRS)

Law Enforcement Training:

Restraint Chair Certification: - certified to operate Restraint Chair

Taser Evidence Collection & Analysis - Axon Academy Certified

Police Use of Force Course Completion - FDL9003 - FDLE

Prison Rape Elimination Act - (PREA) USDOJ - Training

​Law Enforcement Liability - OSS Academy - Certificate of Completion 

​Jail Inspection Training - U.S. Marshals Service

​Electronic Control Device - OSS Academy - Certificate of Completion

Use Of Force & Deadly Force - OSS Academy - Certificate of Completion

Drug Enforcement for Patrol Officers - NC Justice Academy

Basic Juvenile Officer Training - NC Justice Academy

​Specialized Legal Concerns in Drug Investigations - NC Justice Academy

​Warrantless Searches - NC Justice Academy

Arson Investigation - NC Justice Academy

​Less Lethal Techniques - OSS Academy - Certificate of Completion

​Supervisory Leadership Development School–U.S. Marshals Service
Advanced Deputy U.S. Marshal Training - United States Marshals Service
Interview and Interrogation – NC Justice Academy
De-Escalation – What Does This Mean? Use of Force Policy Development and Training Standards – DLG Law Group, LLC.

2018 Annual Conducted Electrical Weapon Training.

Foster's Experts - Associate

Eric Leon Clark,  A.A., B.S., M.P.M

Curriculum Vitae 

Doctoral Student, PhD in Criminal Justice (June 2018-May 2020)

California University of Pennsylvania, California, PA

Master of Public Management, Executive Masters in Public Management (May 2011). The University of Maryland at College Park, College Park, MD

Bachelor of Science, Accounting (May 1992). Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD 21239


Professor-Criminal Justice, Howard Community College (Columbia, MD)

August 7, 2017 to Present

Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Theory, Introduction to Corrections and Juvenile Delinquency.

Instructor led topics and scenario-based exercises that create a controlled and engaging scholastic environment that develop the reflective, retentive and principled mindset needed for administration of justice careers.

Teaching objective is to test and strengthen the student’s academic resolve, ethical approach and sound judgment for beginning and/or continuing a career in the administration of justice.

Federal Law Enforcement Manager-Retired, United States Marshals Service (DC)

November 2000-October 2017.

I was a duly Commissioned Federal Law Enforcement Officer of the United States Marshals Service authorized to carry firearms and conduct official business on behalf of the agency. The Incumbent performs other duties as assigned in support of the United States Attorney General, Department of Justice and USMS.

My primary job was a First-Line Supervisor and Performance Evaluator of Detention Enforcement Officers (DEOS) tasked with the handling (care, custody and control), processing (analyzing, recording and filing) and armed escort/transportation of federal and local adult and juvenile prisoners remanded to the United States Marshal Service.


Howard County Historical Society (Ellicott City, MD)

* In November 2017, I was an invited panelist and guest whom lectured on the historical origins of the 4th amendment as related to the “Tax Stamp Act”, “Writs-of-Assistance” and modern day “Warrantless Searches”.


The Office of the United States Attorney and the United States Marshals Service Office of General Counsel

June 2011- Garnes-El, Kevin v. The District of Columbia, No. 08-cv-02233 (DDC) (BAH)

* In March 2011, research was conducted on organizational policies, practices and procedures that allegedly supported a work place culture of disagreement, misunderstanding, failed communication and insensitivity; between operational personnel and disabled prisoners protected under the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

* In July 2012, I conducted research and formulated policy establishing administrative and operational protocol for the handling of Special Needs Prisoners; at the District and Agency level(s).

This original work addressed definitive physical techniques and training modalities for prisoners having an appearance of vulnerability (amongst a prisoner general populous); requiring a special need for them to be properly safeguarded.

United States Marshals Service Superior Court-Juvenile Cellblock Operations

* In August 2015, I augmented (and standardized) Juvenile Cellblock Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Protocols/Guidelines to reflect Washington D.C. Superior Court Administrative Orders:

* 15-07 “Individual Determinations for the Use of Restraints on Respondents”

* 15-11 “Guidelines for the Placement of Respondents in the At Risk Room”


* Committee Member, United States Marshals Service September 2011-February 2013

The Prisoner Operations Division (POD) is responsible for identifying and driving efficiencies concerning the $1.5 + billion dollar annual Federal Prisoner Detention (FPD) Account; while maintaining or increasing effectiveness in operations and business practices. The POD Committee Member researches detention management data bases, formulates policy then evaluates collective practices and protocols.

* Committee Member, United States Marshals Service January 2014-August 2017

I was named as the USMS Representative to the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) Interagency Research Advisory Committee (IRAC). The IRAC serves as the advisory body to the Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) and will support the SAC’s efforts to conduct or commission meaningful research for the Washington, D.C. Criminal Adult and Juvenile Systems.


Criminal Justice Professor, Howard Community College (MD)

November 2011 to August 2017

Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Theory, Introduction to Corrections and Juvenile Delinquency

* Instructor led topics and scenario-based exercises include: analyzing disagreements and mediating conflict in the community; classroom discussions, group projects, written exams, role play and additional outside assignments and readings not included in the text; the student will gain an understanding of criminal justice system and develop an introductory working knowledge required for professionals in this field.

Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, Department of Homeland Security

July 2010-October 2017

* Provides basic and advanced instruction Leadership, Organizational Management, Group Behavior, Dynamics of Culture, Conflict Resolution/Negotiation, Prisoner Operations, Managing Closed-Custody Environments, Special-Needs Prisoner Handling, Firearms and Emergency Medical Care/Trauma Management.


Expert Witness: Provided court testimony and/or depositions regarding administration of justice use-of-force incidents that involved me as a participant, witness or required my 3rd party objective opinion.

Language Ability: possesses a working knowledge in conversational Spanish.

Conflict Management: Graduate level mediator in organizational, group and/or multi-party conflict.

National Institute of Corrections (NIC)-Managing High-Risk Segregated Populations (June 2014).

U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor (ID# 04130164071).

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Adjunct Instructor Training Program (July 2010) Prince Georges County Community College CDL Bus Instructor Training (June 2010). United States Marshals Service Advanced Detention Enforcement Officer Training (ADDEO#901/July 2009). United States Marshals Service Supervisory Leadership Development School Certificate (SLD #901/April 2009). United States Army Combat Medical Advanced Skills Training (CMAST/Sept 2009) United States Department of Transportation Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Certification and Registry (EMT-B Reg# B1956144/Sept 2009). Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Firearms Instructor Training



Webster University, St. Louis, MO
Master of Arts, Management and Leadership, 2007
Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
Bachelor of Science, Multidisciplinary Studies, 2000
Associate of Arts, General Studies, 1998

Passaic High School, Passaic, NJ
Diploma, 1984

Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville, NC
Certificate, Law Enforcement, 1987
Certificate, General Instructor, 1996
Certificate, Radar Operator, 1992; 1994
Certificate, Fundamentals of Child Sexual Abuse Investigation, 1995
Certificate, Homicide Investigation, 1995
Certificate, Fraud Investigations, 1992
Certificate, Basic Forfeitures, 1992

North Carolina Justice Academy, Salemburg, NC
Certificate, Field Training Officer, 1993
Certificate, Specialized Defensive Tactics Instructor, 1998
Certificate, Specialized Defensive Tactics Instructor Update, 1999
Certificate, Dynamics of Child Abuse and Neglect, 1997
Certificate, Basic Juvenile Officer Training, 1989
Certificate, Search Warrants, 1990
Certificate, Specialized Legal Concerns in Drug Investigations, 1990
Certificate, Warrant less Searches, 1990
Certificate, Legal In-service Training (DWI Enforcement), 1995
Certificate, Police Law Institute, 1995
Certificate, Case Management, 1996
Certificate, Interview & Interrogation, 1998
Certificate, Grappling/Ground fighting Seminar, 1998
Certificate, Technical Surveillance, 1996
Certificate, Instructor Training Orientation, 2000
Certificate, Specialized Physical Fitness Instructor Training, 2000

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
Certificate, Basic Law Enforcement Training 2000, Patrol Techniques Update 2000

 Institute of Police Technology and Management, University of North Florida, Fl
Certificate, Street Gangs Identification and Investigation, 1997
Certificate, Advanced Gang Investigation, 1998

 The National Institute of Ethics
Certificate, Integrity Leadership Seminar, 1999

Public Agency Training Council
Certificate, Hostage Negotiations, 1995

Anti-Defamation League
Certificate, Hate Crimes Training for Law Enforcement Professionals, 1998

North Carolina Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission
Certification, General Instructor, 1997
Certification, Defensive Tactics Instructor, 1997

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Certificate, G.R.E.A.T (Gang Resistance Education & Training) Instructor, 1996


Fayetteville Police Department, Fayetteville, NC
Police Officer, January 2003- July 2003
Respond to calls for service. Enforce local and state laws. Teach Basic Law Enforcement Courses to police cadet recruits and to police officers.

Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville, NC
Coordinator/Instructor/Manager, March 2000-January 2003
--Prepared lesson plans and special materials relating to subject matter
--Prepared schedules for Law Enforcement Orientation Training and continuing education courses
offered at Ft. Bragg, NC and Pope Air Force Base, NC
--Coordinate the scheduling of Instructors for Law Enforcement Orientation Training and
continuing education courses
--Instructed/Taught students law enforcement courses such as, Interview & Interrogation,
constitutional law, defensive tactics, dealing with victims & public, cultural diversity for law
enforcement officers, gang awareness, elements of criminal law, juvenile investigations
--Responsible for the management of adjunct instructors at Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy during absence of Academy Director.
--Responsible for the admission, leadership, supervision, instruction, recruitment of police cadets for the Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy.
--Responsible for the management, procurement, inventory, maintenance, and repair of Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy supplies and equipment 
--Responsible for the filing and integrity of police student(s) academic records.

 Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville, NC

Instructor (Adjunct), October 1996 to March 2000
--Prepared lesson plans and special materials relating to subject matter
--Instructed/Taught students in law enforcement or criminal justice, leading classes such as public relations, constitutional law, juvenile investigations, defensive tactics and Basic Law Enforcement curriculum

Fayetteville Police Department, Fayetteville, NC
Police Officer, May 1987 to March 2000
--Instructed/Taught police officers during in-service training in law enforcement courses such as, gang awareness, Survival Spanish for police officers, ground fighting/defensive tactics
--Instructed community leaders, school administrators, civic leaders, law enforcement agencies about gang awareness, gang intervention
--Trained/Instructed new police officer(s)
--Promoted to rank of Corporal, responsible for supervision of law enforcement officers
--Served as investigating officer for juvenile offenders
--Received Police Heart Award for injury in the line of duty, two certifications of appreciation
--Served as acting supervisor for the Family Intervention Team Unit (youth services office),
Reviewed juvenile investigation reports, supervised daily operation of the Family Intervention Team during the Sergeants absence
--Referred citizens to community agencies for recommended remedial action
--Instructed/Taught parents about juvenile delinquency prevention
--Served as a gang investigator, conducted surveillance of street gangs, analyzed and documented gang graffiti, filed and maintained gang intelligence files
--Served as a member of the Career Criminal Intelligence Unit and conducted surveillance and undercover operations on street level drug dealers, prostitutes, illegal liquor operations
--Served as a neighborhood foot patrol officer
--Served as downtown foot patrol officer in downtown Fayetteville, NC
--Served as patrol officer responding to calls of disturbance, involving crimes such as robberies, criminal assaults, making community watch contacts

 U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC
Casualty Clerk, August 1984 to May 1987
--Taught new clerks about office protocol, proper procedure of the writing, filing, and distribution of casualty reports
--Typed, filed, distributed written correspondence to notify next of kin and department of the Army of all Ft. Bragg service member(s) death
--Instructed/briefed Survivor Assistance Officer(s) in the proper next of kin notification procedures and assistance

Lectures and Presentations

 Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville, NC
Instructor (Adjunct), October 1996 to March 2000
--Taught/Lectured Criminal Justice Courses to police academy students

Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville, NC
Coordinator/Instructor, March 2000-January 2003
--Taught/Lectured Criminal Justice Courses to police academy students

3rd Psychological Operations Battalion, Fort Bragg, NC
--Taught/Lectured Self -Defense Course to Army soldiers and family members of the unit Family Readiness Group, 2002

 Covenant Love Family Church, Fayetteville, NC
--Lectured/Presented about Gang Awareness to church congregation, 1998

 North Carolina Associations of School Resource Officers, Asheville, NC
-- Taught Gang Awareness to School Resources Officers at annual conference, 1999

 E.E. Smith High School, Fayetteville, NC
--Presented a Gang Awareness Workshop to Student Service Team, 1997

 North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Division of Youth Services
--Taught Gang Awareness during Annual Region VI CBA Conference, 1998

 North Carolina Criminal Information Exchange
State Bureau of Investigation, Raleigh, NC

--Taught/Presented about Youth Street Gangs to participants at
Statewide Training Conference, Kill Devil Hills, NC, 1997

 Rape Crises, Volunteers of Cumberland County, Fayetteville, NC
--Lectured about Gang Intervention, 1997

 Reidsville Police Department, Reidsville, NC
--Lectured about Gang Awareness at a Reidsville community workshop
comprised of law enforcement, education, government and religious groups, 1997

Department of Defense, Fort Bragg Schools, Fort Bragg, NC
--Lectured/Presented about Gang Awareness to Administration/Staff, 1999

Greater God’s House of Worship Church, Inc., Palm Bay, Florida
--Lectured about the Book of Mathew, 2014

RFM Christian Academy, Melbourne, Florida
--Lectured about Motivation to Students, 2015